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Outreach conduced on behalf of the Alaska Federal Lands LRTP effort took place throughout the transportation planning process and is documented in the final LRTP.  Outreach activities have been conducted with diverse audiences in a wide range of forums.  Sequencing of outreach events is varied by audience.  Internal FLMA outreach to senior management occurred throughout the planning process to brief decision makers regarding topics such as goals, objectives, and strategies and availability of technical drafts.  External outreach occurred as opportunities presented themselves.  Opportunities sought for external outreach included conferences and meetings where groups represented were most likely to have an interest in the LRTP and a presentation would complement conference proceedings. 


During the course of the Federal Lands LRTP planning process, several Tribal governments expressed interest in various aspects of the Alaska Federal Lands LRTPs.  To build upon this interest, the Alaska Federal Lands LRTP team hosted a webinar on January 31, 2012 to address some of the most common questions and themes posed by Tribal governments.  Presentation topics included:


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