Karluk Lake

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) manages 16 National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska located throughout the state. Transportation infrastructure plays a vital role in connecting people with these refuges. The Service drop-down plan for Alaska defines agency goals and objectives for their transportation system. These goals and objectives identify key issues for the Service in addressing how transportation plays a critical role in administrative, recreational, and subsistence use on Alaska‚Äôs refuges. While this plan will provide data and analysis to allow the Service to make more objective transportation funding allocation decisions, the actions or projects that result from this plan will not make significant changes to transportation and access to refuges. The following goals were developed for the Service drop-down LRTP for Alaska and will guide future decisions:

  • Provide a sustainable transportation program to satisfy current and future land management needs in the face of a changing climate
  • Conserve and protect natural and cultural resources through comprehensive transportation planning and management
  • Fulfill Service ANILCA obligation as it relates to subsistence use and access
  • Proactively enhance the Alaskan multimodal transportation system experience and connectivity
  • Provide safe, efficient, affordable, and appropriate access to, through, and within refuge lands


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